Linear Audio USB stick

Now available as a fully searchable PDF collection – the Linear Audio USB stick!

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Linear Audio USB stick

On SPICE simulation

For many yeares I have been ussing a paid-for circuit simulator, part of the Proteus package from Labcenter in the UK. In 2017 I decided to give the free LTspice from (then still) Linear Technology a run, liked it and switched over.

Fast-forward to mid-2019: Spectrum Software's MicroCap (uC) simulator is now distributed free of charge! Accordoing to online sources this would be the best circuit- simulator ever, so I will give that a try soon. I do see a potential disavantage to free software, that it will no longer be kept up-to-date. But we'll see.

Anyway, here is the first resource for uC, courtesy Edmond Verrijn-Stuart: