Linear Audio USB stick

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Linear Audio USB stick

Currently on my table


I have a habit of reading several books in parallel, sort off. The reason is that after reading a section in a book, I often need some time (unconciously, mostly) to digest the material. That takes some time, which I spend reading another book. So I go back and forth between two, three or sometimes more books.

Here I list what's on my table currently, and one by one, when I finish reading them, they will have a review in this section.

Hope you look in once in a while!

The Psychology of Music, edited by Diana Deutsch

Ambient Commons - Attention in the Age of Embodied Information, Malcolm McCullough

How things shape the mind - A Theory of material Engagement, Lambros Malafouris

The search for life in the universe, Donald Goldsmith and Tobias Owen

Intuition Pumps and other Tools for Thinking, Daniel Dennett