Volume 6


Linear Audio, your tech audio resource, continues to offer you stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking articles as well as projects you can build. Volume 6 is our 7th issue. There are several articles on phono preamps, from the very flexible creation by Erno Borbely with Sigurd Rushkowski to a revamped Peter Walker-inspired minimal design from Hannes Allmaier, supported by a revisit of RIAA noise spec interpretation by Hans Polak. Two articles by David Zan and Bob Cordell address advanced power amplifier compensation. An article on a practical circuit to control class AB bias by Daniel Joffe to prevent output device switch-off, and a very unusual set of designs involving Octode tubes by Frank Blöhbaum. For those of you interested in Static Induction Transistors, Michael Rothacher presents an interactive app to develop SIT Spice models. Robert Munnig Schmidt fine tunes his sensorless motional feedback subwoofer, while David Moran lifts the veil on how to design a blind-preferred speaker. Vol 6 is concluded with an extensive Book Review by Jean-Pierre Vanderreydt of Douglas Self’s 6th ed. of Audio Power Amplifier Design. Vol 6 includes a pair of free JFETs courtesy Linear Systems Inc: one LSK170B and one LSJ74B!
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Articles in this volume
Towards advanced audio power amplifiers
TPC and TMC Feedback Compensation for Power Amplifiers
Fine-tuning and measurements of a sensorless motional feedback subwoofer
RIAA revisited, or how to better judge documented figures
Introduction to noise
Multiplied Transconductance Amplifiers
Proteus – a current input moving coil preamp
Practical Electronic Control of Class AB output stage quiescent current
The High-Octane phono preamp
A concise model for Static Induction Transistor IV characteristics
How to design a winning, blind-preferred loudspeaker
The map is not the world
Audio Power Amplifier Design, 6th ed. Douglas Self