Volume 5


Linear Audio, your tech audio resource, continues to offer you stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking articles as well as projects you can build. Volume 5 is our 6th issue. There’s the definite solution to the supply snubber problem, a tutorial on balanced and se audio connections, an archival phono preamp, variable freq. tone controls, how to get your audio off the ground, hi-freq. reverb, audibility of hires audio formats, a headphone amp, speaker improvement and stray capacitances in audio xformers. Vol 5 includes a free PCB for Bruno Putzeys’ preamp demo project. Don’t forget to visit the Letters and Articles area on this website for complementary papers and comments to articles. Happy reading, but don’t forget to listen to your music!

Note: all PCBs for Brun's balanced preamp have been given out, sorry... You can download the Gebers from the Download section to have boards farbricated at any PCB house.

Articles in this volume
Rectifier ringing and snubbers
Interconnections in Audio
Oliver Masciarotte – To Serve and Groove
Listening to paradoxes
The Small Speaker challenge
High Frequency Reverberation for finer sound reproduction
A low-noise preamplifier with variable-frequency tone controls
The parts bin headphones amplifier
The G Word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground
An Archival Phono Preamplifier
On the audibility of “high resolution” digital audio formats and how to test this
On stray capacitances in audio transformers