Volume 4


Linear Audio, your tech audio resource, continues to offer you stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking articles as well as projects you can build. Volume 4 is our 5th issue, and the first one that crept over 200 pages in size. Still no ads though! Subject matter includes triode noise, listening tests, tube and solid state phono preamps, SIT based designs, perception-based measurements, DAC design, PSU auditioning and supply decoupling. Don’t forget to visit the Online resources area on www.linearaudio.net for complementary papers and comments to articles. Happy reading, but don’t forget to listen to your music!

Articles in this volume
The case for subjective listening tests
The “Terrible Twins” – a push-pull amplifier with solid state pentodes
VinylTrak – A full-featured MM/MC phono preamp
A comparative overview of power supply regulator designs with listening tests
Building a Great Sounding DAC with a Little Help from My Friends
Revisiting the SIT Nemesis
Static Induction Transistors
Towards a reconciliation of measurements with listening tests
The Glowing NoiseMaker - On the demystification of triode noise
A Tube based Phono Preamplifier
Supply Decoupling – Finesse before Brute Force
Operational Amplifier Noise - Techniques and Tips for Analyzing and Reducing Noise