Volume 3


Welcome (back) to Linear Audio, your tech audio resource! Volume 3 is already our fourth issue! At 188 pages, Vol 3 packs another smorgasbord of stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking articles. Why 'tweaks that cannot work' can still sound different, digital interpolation, class-A thermal case design, mic preamps. Headphone preamps with in-ear equalization, correcting cartridge (and speaker) resonances, passive I/V conversion, active subwoofer design, a simulated inductor and a low noise preamp for your test bench. Then an essay on the state of analog and digital audio, and closing with two book reviews. Another issue you'll want to have at your side so you can grab it again and again. Enjoy!

Articles in this volume
Book review Burkhard Vogel The Sound of Silence (2nd edition)
Book review Morgan Jones Valve Amplifiers (4th edition)
A low noise laboratory-grade measurement preamplifier
A Universal Simulated Power Inductor
A Mechatronic approach to Active Subwoofer Design
Passive, Discrete, DC Coupled, Open Loop IV Converters
DIY Low-noise Microphone Preamplifiers, Part II
A Headphone Buffer/Amp and Auto-EQ for Headphones
How Discrete Signal Interpolation Improves Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Audible tweaks that cannot work
Audio design is moving forward – or is it?
Correcting Transducer Response with an Inverse Resonance Filter
Design Considerations for a Class-A Amplifier Enclosure