Volume 2


Welcome to Linear Audio, your tech audio resource! Volume 2 is our third issue in the series of technical audio bookzines. Vol 2 packs 180 pages of articles ranging from very high quality tube amps, minimalistic I/V converters, transimpedance stages, speaker correction, controlled listening, book reviews and more. Authors include Nelson Pass, Stuart Yaniger, Castor-Perry, Moers, Groner and others. And still no ads! Enjoy! 

Articles in this volume
Zen -> Cen -> Sen - Evolution of a Minimalistic IV Conversion Circuit
Simple Loudspeaker Correction Filters
The Ultra-Linear Power Amplifier - An adventure between triode and pentode
Book review - The Design of Active Crossovers by Douglas Self
Book review - Fundamental Amplifier techniques for Electron Tubes by Rudolf Moers
Guest Editorial - Digital Audio: Progress, Stagnation and Regression
A New Amplifier Topology With Push-Pull Transimpedance Stage
SIT Nemesis!
The C70 KT-88 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier
The Class i output stage
Testing One, Two, Three..