Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Its that time of the year again! Am packing my bags to fly to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. This year we will have a nice diy-audio corner in the Lobby (booth 15), behind the check-in counter. We will have stuff from Elektor USA, AudioXpress and of course my own Linear Audio. Bob Cordell will be there too showing his VinylTrak phono/preamp. Be sure to look us up for a chat or serious diy stuff - you're all welcome! See you in the Marriott Denver Tech Center, we'll be there the whole show!

Linear Audio's Jan Didden at TubeSociety

Linear Audio's Jan Didden at TubeSociety   Menno Vanderveen, the recognised tube and transformer design authority has created TubeSociety, an organisation dedicated to study technical audio issues, specifically related to tube equipment and transformer design. I am honored to be invited by TubeSociety to speak a full day about feedback, error correction and related issues in audio design. If you are interested to attend this interactive event on 12 May, sign up through Further details at

Linear Audio goes to Budapest!

Linear Audio goes to Budapest! The European spring convention of the AES (the 132nd) will be held in Budapest, Hungary, end of April. Linear Audio will have a stand to present our publications - Linear Audio Vol 0, 1, 2 and the new Vol 3, as well as the 'Baxandall & Self on Audio' Collected Papers. Come and see me, to get copies or just to chat!

Linear Audio presence at US tech audio shows

Linear Audio presence at US tech audio shows It's getting closer to the time of the tech audio shows in the US! I'm gearing up to attend several shows. First is the Burning Amp Festival in SF on October 1st. Lectures by Nelson Pass and Douglas Self, loudspeaker demos by Siegfried Linkwitz and, the main part, lots of diy equipment displays and listening. Sponsors include audioXpress. Don't miss it!

Denver for the Rocky Mountain Audio Show

Then 2 weeks later, it's off to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Audio Show. I'll share a table with Bob Cordell in the lobby. This is a great show for me as it combines technical presentations and discussions as well of great equipment auditions in company listening rooms.

131st Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in NY

The 3rd event is the 131st Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in NY. The AES conventions always have a great program of presentations and workshops on anything from perception to audio electronics and recording workshops to speaker design and more. I'll be there with Bob Cordell on the McGrawHill booth. Look us up for a chat!

The second issue of Linear Audio is available now!

The second issue of Linear Audio is available now! It gives me great pleasure to announce that the 2nd issue of Linear Audio, Linear Audio Volume 1, is available now. Again, an impressive international crew of authors has come forward with interesting, amazing and surprising articles. You can read all article abstracts and info on our authors here. Enjoy, and let me know what you think about it!

Linear Audio at ElektorLive!

Linear Audio at ElektorLive! On Saturday November 20, 2010, Elektor will again organise their ElektorLive! event. A dynamic event with workshops, tutorials and exhibitions. During the event several people will throw a 15 minute pitch ("Get Around session") about a specific subject. I have the honor to host three of these sessions on audio. Elektor will have a bookstore and have audio books for sale, including Linear Audio Volume 0. Make sure you're there, and make sure to look me up!

Visit us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!

Visit us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest! Linear Audio will be present at the RMAF with Linear Audio Volume 0, the premier issue of our new technical audio publication! Come visit us near the registration counter for a chat and leaf through 160 pages of high-quality audio articles by audio giants like Douglas Self, Bob Cordell, Siegfried Linkwitz, Nelson Pass, Tom Nousaine and others! Bob Cordell ( ) will also be there with his new book 'Audio Power Amplifier Design'. Don't miss us!

Linear Audio publication launched!

Linear Audio publication launched! Hoensbroek, The Netherlands, 1 September 2010 Linear Audio Publishers of Hoensbroek, The Netherlands, have announced the publication of the premier issue of their new semi-annual 'bookzine' Linear Audio. The publication's goal is to act as a vehicle for the dissemination of high quality technical audio information to serious hobbyists and professionals alike. Linear Audio Volume 0 packs over 160 pages of technical audio articles. Subject matter includes analog and digital electronics, solid state as well as vacuum tube technology, loudspeakers, perception and measurement equipment and techniques. The Volume 0 lineup includes articles by audio giants like Nelson Pass, Douglas Self, Bob Cordell, Tom Nousaine and Siegfried Linkwitz. A full list of article abstracts is available at Linear Audio Volume 0 can be ordered online.