High-fidelity circuit design

In the years after the 2nd World War, technical and technological developments in all areas of sound recording and reproduction took off. Better parts and deeper technological insights led to increased sound quality. Authors Crowhurst and Cooper wrote many articles on high fidelity design subjects for Radio-Electronics magazine in the early 1950-ies. Because of the high interest for these articles, Gernsback Library decided to assemble the material into book form. The original authors were recruited to to edit, rewrite, add and assemble the material into this book. As the authors themselves put it, this book will prove valuable not just for the budding enthusiast without much formal theoretical knowledge, but as well for those who have an advanced understanding of the subjects, but need some help to visualize some of the problems in high-fidelity design.  It should be clear that this book is all about tubes and tube circuits - solid state was a long way off at the time! Yet, this book is an excellent primer for basic knowledge and as an invaluable reference in any designers' library. To quote from the introduction: having a good reference is so much easier than memorizing it all!

The book contains 15 chapters, which each address a particular area in high-fidelity audio design, grouped in two parts:

Part 1 – Feedback: Feedback effects, Analysis and design, Response and stability, Distortion, Extending design factors;

Part 2 – Design and Testing Techniques: Drivers and inverters, Power supplies, Attenuators, Filters and equalizers, Scope test procedures, Speaker systems, Advanced techniques, High-power amplifiers, Test equipment design, Improving old amplifiers.

A detailed index completes the book. A book that covers the complete width and breadth of tube-based high-fidelity audio design in a single volume. Unique, and still very much up-to-date. Recommended for your library.

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