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Tom Nowak was born in Cracow, Poland. His fascination with acoustics started when he was a child, and led him to study Acoustical Engineering at Wrocław University of Technology.
He has earned a Bachelors degree in 2014 and shortly after, a Masters degree in 2015. His passion for audio resulted in PTA (Polish Acoustic Society) and AES (Audio Engineering Society) memberships.
As a student, he presented a publication at Forum Acusticum 2014 in Cracow, and won the golden award of the Student Design Competition at the 138th AES Convention in Warsaw, 2015.    

Written articles
Tapped horn subwoofer system

A tapped horn is a speaker design, where the horn is folded and the transducer is placed in a baffle so that the loudspeaker cone is radiating into the throat and the mouth of the horn...