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João Martins is editor-in-chief of US magazine audioXpress and International Editor for Voice Coil magazine since October 2013. Before that he worked for Elektor International Media in The Netherlands, managing the Spanish and Portuguese language editions and previously was responsible for the licensed Portuguese edition, in different periods, for almost 20 years. His career in magazine publishing goes back to the late eighties, after founding broadcast electronics and broadcast engineering magazines. Since 1991, he founded and was editor-in-chief for several titles in the professional audio, musical instruments, film production, broadcast and installation markets, with dedicated editions published in Portugal, Brazil, Spain and Latin America. He has previously sales, systems engineering and technical support experience, acting as Sales & Marketing Manager for audio and video equipment distribution companies in Portugal. Born in Angola in 1965, João moved to Portugal in 1974 where he studied Audiovisual Arts, Film and Marketing & Advertising (Bachelor degree). He also studied Sound in Animation and produced soundtracks for short films. He played bass guitar a rock band founded in the eighties and wrote all their lyrics. João is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Written articles
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In this short Guest Editorial,  AudioXpress’ Editor in Chief Joao Martins reflects on the continued digitalization of audio delivery and reproduction. One consequence he sees is that in...