Krauel Kevin

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Kevin has always been interested in audio.  Even as a child, he
collected and tinkered with vintage tube radios.  He completed a
degree in mathematics at the University of Waterloo (UW), a
program that allowed for more flexibility than one in engineering
and the opportunity to take physics courses relating to

Kevin's career has spanned programming in Cobol for a financial
institution; development of optical character recognition data
bases for a postal sorting system, low-level software for a
cheque transport and processing system, and embedded software
for a grain dryer controller; to providing technical support for, and
construction of, electro-mechanical systems for robot design and
control research.  Despite little opportunity for work in the audio
field, Kevin had an interesting and diverse career.

Now in retirement, Kevin does some contract work, and collaborates
in research projects in the Audiolab at UW.

Written articles
A Low Parts Count Audiophile Power Amplifier - John Vanderkooy, Kevin Krauel, Todd Schneider

In this article, the authors introduce the design of a power amplifier with only three necessary active devices; a normal high-quality opamp and two lateral power MOSFETs. The design is based on...