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John Vanderkooy has presented many AES papers over the years on a range of topics, many with his colleague Stanley Lipshitz, both founding members of the Audio Research Group at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  His early PhD work was in low temperature physics, but since the mid 1970’s he has worked with Stan in audio and acoustics.  They are well-known for dither, which shows that digital audio truly has analogue character.  He has been honoured with several AES awards, and has served for some years as Journal Editor.  Since retirement, John and his wife Judy have spent winters in the UK at the Steyning Research Centre of Bowers and Wilkins.  He continues both the supervision of graduate students and his audio research at the University of Waterloo.  Some recent work includes the non-linear acoustics of the trumpet, and the measurement of infrasound inside cars and from wind turbines.  He has always been interested in amplifiers, including class-D, but prefers a good ole’fashioned class AB feedback design for his own system.

Written articles
An Open-Source Electroacoustic Measurement System: Part 1: Theory, Practicalities & Acoustic Examples; Part 2: Sound Card Setup, System Characterization and a few more Examples

This two-part article describes the design, configuration, software and use of a general-purpose electroacoustic measurement system. The system is based on typical soundcards, of which a few are...

A Low Parts Count Audiophile Power Amplifier - John Vanderkooy, Kevin Krauel, Todd Schneider

In this article, the authors introduce the design of a power amplifier with only three necessary active devices; a normal high-quality opamp and two lateral power MOSFETs. The design is based on...