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Blöhbaum Frank Frank Blöhbaum was born and grew up in the former East Germany, in Leipzig. He build his first tube radio at age 14 and managed to sell his first tube amp at 16. He earned his masters in electronics and semiconductor physics from the Ilmenau Technical University in 1986. Frank worked for 24 years as a design engineer in the fields of optics, opto-electronics, space systems, and sensor- and measurement systems. His special field of expertise is in Lidar Time-of Flight-systems and 3D cameras, analog and digital signal processing, optoelectronics and ultrasonic sensors. He currently heads the fundamental Research Group as well as the Analog Design Working Group at a large (5000+ employees) corporation. Mr. Blöhbaum has more than 20 patents granted in the fields of optoelectronics and amplifiers and sensor systems. He designed and organized the production of the award-winning Thorens TEM 3200 power amp and TEP 3800 preamp, based on his patented floating balanced amplifier concept. He also designed and organized the production of the class-AB T.A.C V-60 power amp, based on his BiasWizard® automatic bias regulation.

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Frank Blöhbaum

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