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Castor-Perry Kendall

Kendall Castor-Perry is a widely published author, audio expert and filtering maven who’s had a fascination with audio and music reproduction since childhood. A long career spent extracting, processing and managing critical signals from a host of industrial, scientific and consumer environments has offered copious opportunities for exploring the deep recesses of audio circuit and system design. These days, Kendall works as an Architect with Cypress Semiconductor, analyzing potential applications for implementation on the latest PSoC devices – audio being the next frontier!

Written articles
Book review - The Design of Active Crossovers by Douglas Self

Book review - The Design of Active Crossovers by Douglas Self Castor-Perry Kendall (aka The Filter Wizard) reviews Douglas Self's last work The Design of Active Crossovers, and likes what he...

The Class i output stage

In this article, Kendall presents a solid state unity-gain power output stage that has very low distortion and for which the biasing current can be set without the need for adjustments and without...

Some Feedback about Electrolytic Capacitors

Large-value electrolytic capacitors are an easy solution to keep DC offset out of low-impedance sources like MM cartridges. Yet, many audio designers (and customers!) are leery of exposing the...