Gaertner Jean-Claude

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Gaertner Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Gaertner was born in 1954 in the eastern part of France. He started flying at the age of 16 on a Piper J3. Jean-Claude built his first amplifier at 17 and his first loudspeaker at 19. At the age of 24 he started his professional career flying commercially on Caravelle planes. He currently flies his 747-400 all over the globe as captain. 

His other hobby, beside audio, is high-altitude trekking with his wife.  

Written articles
Project 21, part I: the satellites

Project 21 is an extensive project consisting of a satellite two-way with a bass enclosure. All drivers are driven actively through a DSP-based crossover. Four-channel level controls are used at...

Project21 - Part II - subwoofer and DSP system

In L|A Vol 0 Jean-Claude described the development of the P21 mid-high satellites with optional passive cross-over. The satellites are now complemented with an active subwoofer. A DSP cross-over...