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Gerhard Joachim

Joachim Gerhard was born in Korbach, Germany, in 1957. He started his studies in Telecommunications in 1975 at the Paderborn University, but switched after a few years to start an apprentiship as a carpenter. From 1979 to 1983 Joachim studied furniture and exhibition design at the Kassel University for Expressive Arts. In 1983, together with Hartmuth Janßen, he founded „Avantgarde High Fidelity and Contemporary Art“ , followed in 1985 by „Janßen und Gerhard Audiophile Musikanlagen“ . Parallel to that, he founded „Audio Physic“ in Frankfurt in his sparetime.

During the same time Joachim consulted on the development of sputtering equipment including high power DC and RF supplies and co-developed a 90kW 50 ohms connector.

As the result of the rapid growth of Audio Physic he became its full-time designer and sales manager in 1998 and became sole propietor and CEO in 1991.

In 1993 he became Visiting Fellow of the University of Essex, working with the Audio Group lead by Prof. Malcolm Hawsford. His work on speaker placement for optimum phantom imaging resulted in an AES paper. While at Essex his group developed a digital speaker system with the same impulse response as the B&K measurement mike used.

In 2004 he founded Sonics, which is now a part of Spiral Groove, Immedia, Berkeley, Ca.

Since 2009 Joachim is active at, developing a state of the art phonostage (MPP) and linear phase open baffle speakers (MPL). While continuing his worldwide consulting for High End audio companies, 2010 will see the founding of a new company to build and market Joachim Gerhard audio designs.

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