Groner Samuel

Groner Samuel

Samuel Groner was born and currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He has been passionate about both art and science as long as he can remember. At present he works for Weiss Engineering Ltd. in the field of analogue hardware design and freelances as classical recording engineer/producer. Besides this, he teaches several courses at a local sound engineering school (ear training, classical music production and audio measurement) and enjoys a manifold activity as pianist, singer and choirmaster. If time permits, he is found on one of the numerous Swiss hiking trails, preferably in company with one of his cameras and a few sheets of black-and-white film. He holds a MSc degree in computer science and a MA degree as Tonmeister (recording engineer/producer).

Written articles
A low noise laboratory-grade measurement preamplifier

No lab or hobby shack should be without a preamplifier to measure very low signals with very low noise, defined gain and wide bandwidth. Samuel Groner's latest creation has 0.4nV/RtHz and a...

A New Amplifier Topology With Push-Pull Transimpedance Stage

In this article Samuel reviews existing transimpedance stage configurations, and then introduces an amplifier topology which uses a novel push-pull transimpedance topology. Compared to known...

Quadrature Bridge Measures Harmonic Distortion in Capacitors

This article considers the measurement of harmonic distortion in capacitors using a bridge circuit. Each arm of the bridge consist of one resistor and one capacitor. The bridge is driven in...