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Nousaine Tom Tom Nousaine is presently a Contributing Technical Editor of Sound & Vision, the largest audio/video publication in the world.  In the past 25 years his work has appeared in Professional Audio Review, Stereo Review, Audio, Sound & Image, Video, Car Stereo Review, Mobile Entertainment, Road Gear, Audio/Video International, The Audio Critic, The $ensible Sound and Telephony magazine. Tom operates TN Communications, specializing in loudspeaker measurement, expert listening evaluation and business communications and Listening Technology where he conducts expert 3rd party listening evaluations for magazines, manufacturers, OEM automobile companies and their suppliers. He is a past Audio Engineering Society Central Region Vice President and past Chairman of the AES Chicago Section. Tom founded the Prairie State Audio Construction Society, the Society for Depreciation Professionals and has been a long time member of the Southeastern Michigan Woofer and Tweeter Marching Society. Previously he was Director of Capital Recovery for Baby Bell Ameritech and holds Bachelor and MBA degrees from Michigan State University.   He is a 2nd generation Finnish-American born in northern Minnesota and enjoys an in-home sauna year round. In addition to evaluating a couple thousand stereo, home theater, aftermarket and OEM autosound systems he also enjoys live music of all kinds having heard well over a hundred different world-class classical and popular music artists. 

Written articles
Low frequencies in rooms

Tom Nousaine exposes some myths about low frequency reproduction in home listening rooms. He cites manufacturer surveys about customer listening rooms with the surprising conclusion that listening...