Putzeys Bruno

Putzeys Bruno

Ever since hearing, aged 16, two pairs of EL84's make short shrift of a shiny new solid state amplifier, Bruno wanted to know how and why things sounded the way they did instead of how they should. The ensuing expedition past all the stations of valves vs FETs vs transistors, analogue vs digital and their respective proponents gave him a keen eye for paradoxes, red herrings, logical fallacies, nonsequiturs and plain weirdness. In the meantime he graduated cum laude at the National Technical School for Radio and Film on the subject of power stages for switching audio amplifiers. He then went to work for Philips where he developed various digitally and analogue controlled class D amplifiers, noise shapers and modulation methods, and invented among others the "UcD" class D circuit. Since 2005 he divides his time between Grimm Audio and Hypex. Current activities include designing high-performance discrete AD/DA converters and analogue signal processing circuits, DSP algorithms, class D power amplifiers and active loudspeakers. What little time remains he devotes to writing and giving lectures in the hope of furthering rationality in audio. In these presentations and articles he shows skeptics what to measure before judging subjectivists to be wrong and demonstrates to audio mystics just how much of subjective audio experience is readily explained in ordinary physical, mathematical and psychoacoustical terms.

Written articles
The G Word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground

Bruno Putzeys maintains that one of the causes for many, many ground problems in audio is the (subconscious) way of thinking of voltages as being a property of a single node, rather than as the...

The F-word - or, why there is no such thing as too much feedback

Feedback is at once a basic subject in engineering and a remarkably polarizing one in audio with some saying it is evil and others saying that there is nothing wrong with it as long as you don...