Ramaswamy Ramkumar

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Ramaswamy Ramkumar

Dr. Ram earned his M.Sc in Physics from Delhi University in 1990 and his PhD in Operations Research from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta in 1994. He built his first audio amp at the age of 12 using the popular TBA810 which, much to his delight then, instantly became a local MW receiver too. While as a pragmatist he believes that digital technologies have replaced analog largely for the better, he rues the fact that some of the best principles of analog design, such as the principle of minimalism which it implicitly embodies, are slowly dying away. His passion for audio electronics finds expression in Audesine (, through which he provides audio system design and prototyping services.

Written articles
A Universal Continuous-Time Active Filter

For loudspeaker design and prototyping you'd want a simple, flexible system to play' with the crossover. You would want a simple way to vary cross-over frequencies, filter characteristics...

A Universal Simulated Power Inductor

Dr. Ramaswamy is back with another usefull piece of lab equipment. Imagine a box with two connections where you can 'dial in' any inductance between 10mH and 10H for your filter and cross-...