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Simon Ed Ed Simon earned his BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University. He is founder and owner of SimonSound, specializing in sound system installations. Ed installed numerous sound systems, among others at Verizon Center (Washington DC), KFC YUM Arena (Louisville KY) and Titan Stadium (Nashville TN). He also likes to write about technical subjects and has over 100 articles for various publications to his credit.  

Written articles
The IC notebook

Vol 0 The IC notebook Ed Simon If, like Ed Simon, you have more different IC's than you can keep track off, you'll like his tip on how to use a notebook to easily classify and find IC'...

Resistor non-linearity - there's more to Ohm than meets the eye

Discussions on (audible) differences between types of passive components like resistors range far in audio engineering. Ed Simon put his money where his mouth is and developed a bridge-type...