Touzelet Pierre

Touzelet Pierre

Pierre Touzelet is a mechanical engineer involved in the design and setup of large vibration systems devoted to environmental tests. His passion for tubes came up at his early age, when looking at his father repairing old radios for the neighbourhoods. He likes to look at new designs proposed by experienced hobbyists and concentrate on unsolved design difficulties or tube amplifier behaviours. He is now retired, since 2009, continuing to feed his passion with interesting problems and writing, from time to time, articles on his findings.

Written articles
On driving methods for loudspeaker systems

If there is a question in audio without a convincing answer, it is certainly the one about the way to properly drive a loudspeaker system. On one side, we have those supporting, with good...

On the leakage inductance in audio transformers

Leakage inductance is caused by that part of the primary flux that doesn't make it to the secondary. That, and the stray capacitance across the primary, limits the high-frequency performance...

On stray capacitances in audio transformers

In a previous article (Linear Audio Volume 0), Pierre investigated audio transformers as magnetic devices to determine and optimize leakage inductances. In the present one, Mr. Touzelet focusses...