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Dr Van Stratum (1960) was trained as an economist at Tilburg University where he earned his master degree in 1985. For a decade he had an academic career at Nijmegen University and at the Central Planning Bureau. He earned his PhD in 1991 at Nijmegen University and wrote about the modelling of financial assets in macro-economic theory. Finding himself not smart enough to be a life-time scientist, he used his economic skills in different roles and positions for regular businesses (currently as an independent business consultant). Audio and electronics have been his hobby since childhood. He had his own fm-rotor-antenna on the roof of his parent's house when he was only 15 years old (preferably listening to live Genesis concerts via high-quality German broadcasts). Later he was heavenly inspired (indoctrinated perhaps) by the French magazine L'Audiophile. At that time, when they had their holidays in France, he sneaked (not always to his wife's pleasure) out of the camp ground to visit every electronics store he could possibly find. In the 90's he wrote several articles for 'Audio en Techniek' about simple tube-amps and (for a lack of a better decription) about 'the economy and philosophy of audio'.

Written articles
How do they see us? A short history of advertising in audio - Rudy van Stratum

When Rudy van Stratum decided to clean his attic and decided to remove stacks of decades-old audio journals, he couldn’t resist to go through them one last time. And then, he noticed some...