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Peter van Willenswaard (1947) got his first electric shock at the age of 6 but as the local mains voltage in The Hague, Holland was 125 V at the time chances of getting away unharmed were plenty. His interest in everything electrical soon focused on radio and by the age of 18 slowly shifted to HiFi because of the intriguing combination of electrons and music. After his Degree in electronics from the Delft University he spent 3 years in Algeria trying to bend right what some French had done wrong when they left there in 1961: getting tube transmitters/receivers to work without the underlying schematics as the latter had been destroyed. Back in Holland it wasn't long before the passion for HiFi was revived and in 1982 he co-founded the first Dutch Hi-End magazine Audio&Techniek.    After over 13 years in technical HiFi-journalism and design, the discovery of the blessing that tubes mean for audio in 1985 and a short but fruitful period with the Dutch distributor of Audio Innovations and Audio Note, 1996 saw the start of his own company Audiomagic ( In 2005 he co-founded Grimm Audio ( ), so he is a busy man trying to cool down things a bit while edging closer to the legal retirement age.

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Letter to the Editor Peter van Willenswaard

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