Vanderreydt Jean-Pierre

Vanderreydt Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Vanderreydt was born in Brussels, Belgium; he started his career in earnest after earning a Master degree in electronic engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven in 1973.

He spent the first part of his professional carrier in large corporations, mainly Philips and ITT. He participated in the development of large private computer networks for Philips and he took management positions in the multinational telecommunication division of ITT involved in the development of digital public switching exchanges. 

At the age of forty he caught the entrepreneurship virus, and started his own company, active in industrial computer networks.

As co-inventor of a piezo- electric fiber optic light switching device, he started a new company to design and manufacture giant video screens based on his patents. During this hectic period he developed the new processes and a fully automated clean room based manufacturing plant to produce and assemble this unique technology. He was able to raise funds from diversified international sources in the US, China and Malaysia.

Analog design, audio and electro-acoustics have always been his favorite hobbies although he had to spend most of his professional time in other fields of science and engineering. At the moment he is still active as a professional consultant to high-tech companies. His last activity was investigating European opportunities for a US startup in thin film proprietary CIGS solar cells.

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