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Wouda René Dr. Wouda (vintage '78) earned a M.Sc from Leiden University in Molecular Biology in 2002, followed by an undergraduate research program at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire, USA. He earned a Ph.D. in developmental neurobiology from Leiden University Medical Centre in 2007. René Wouda currently teaches chemistry and biology. Music has always been one of his major interests and much of his spare time is devoted to either listening to or reading about music. In between classes and experiments a lot of time is spend sharing ideas with students, showing favorite bits of music to each other on the smartboards of the classrooms. “Interaction with students of all ages keeps one young and up to date. And it is very interesting to see what kind of music is being listened to by teens.” According to René its not so much the music itself that has been changing, but rather the way kids experience it.  Even after only four years of teaching, he has come to appreciate the accumulative sound of a group of teens, each playing their low bitrate mp3 songs, coming from their tiny mobile phone speakers. Perhaps some day everyone, including you, will come to enjoy such a musical experience.  

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