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Marsh Richard

Richard Marsh grew up with music in the home - piano, singing and records playing.  He builds his first tube preamp and power amp at age 16.  Richard was drafted out of college to work in High Energy Physics R&D at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  There he held the rare 'Q' clearance (above top secret) for 23 years.  In this position, he developed a talent and expertise in precision test and measurements. Eventually, he became responsible for coordinating development of several high profile DOE and DOD projects, including experimental test accelerators, fusion energy systems, and nuclear engineering systems programs (nuclear weapons).  During that time he also continued to write articles and develop circuits and systems for audio. He is a member of IEEE and AES and holds many patents.


After retiring from government R&D, he pursued his musical and audio interests as a consultant to consumer electronics companies in USA and Asia.  He has now started learning to play blues bass guitar.  Richard also spends time every year in S.E. Asia helping poor children in Nepal get an education thru direct support.   


Written articles
A Headphone Buffer/Amp and Auto-EQ for Headphones

If you are looking for that ultimate headphone replay amplifier, you couldn't do any better than with this discrete circuit. Richard Marsh develops his circuits from the well-known diamond...