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Munnig Schmidt Robert Robert H. Munnig Schmidt has been inspired by high quality sound reproduction as of his childhood. Starting with the design of tube amplifiers for a band he became fascinated by the never ending improvements of the sound quality at home that can be achieved, based on what he heard at church organ recordings that he could attend. While keeping audio as a hobby, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology which he combined with his experience with analogue electronics and this combination paved the way for a successful career as one of the first mechatronic engineers. The audio background knowledge enabled the design of very accurate motion systems for the first wafer steppers at Philips Research around 1980 with Lorentz actuators and custom designed class-D amplifiers. After several R&D jobs at Philips he joined ASML to continue his work on advanced motion systems. In 2006 he returned to Delft as Professor in Mechatronic System Design where he combines his enthusiasm for teaching with research on precision mechatronics, including audio transducers with advanced control.

He wrote a textbook on high performance mechatronics and recently started a company (RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics) to combine audio research with lecturing. 

Roberts audio ideas and projects are published at his RMS website.


Written articles
A Mechatronic approach to Active Subwoofer Design

Professor Robert Munnig Schmidt teaches Mechatronics at one of Netherlands prestigious universities, but his hobby is in audio. Since a (sub)woofer is nothing else than an electrically controlled...

Fine-tuning and measurements of a sensorless motional feedback subwoofer

In his earlier article, Robert Munnig Schmidt described a subwoofer system with an electronic solution to adapt and control the subwoofer mechanical-dynamic behaviour. One reader commented...