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Hans van Maanen has worked for the largest part (41+ years) of his professional life for Shell Research & Development on flow measurement and flow measurement techniques. Currently he is an independent consultant in these areas for the oil and gas industry. Hans has had a life-long interest in music and music reproduction.  Because of the first he is a frequent visitor of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and because of the second he developed his own sound reproduction equipment, not being satisfied with the concepts and realizations of available equipment. He uses his scientific approach (holding a Masters of Science from the University of Amsterdam and a Ph.D. from the Delft University of Technology) for these developments in the same way as he does for his oil and gas R&D work. He has published many papers in this field, both in Dutch magazines as well as with the AES, the most important of which are available as downloads from Because there is also interest from others for his equipment, he currently produces the equipment on a small scale with the (indispensable) help of three other audio-enthusiasts.

Written articles
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