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Contary to the widespread belief, when I was born back in 1954, I was very young and inexperienced. It took me four years to realize that the world as we know it was not very well designed from the beginning (if you ask me, the beginning of everything was due to an experiment that went out of control, otherwise there would be no big bang!), and that we should do something to improve it. I started the improvement by educating people who were close to me – my parents. But after two years of unsuccessful trials I finally gave up and and decided that social engineering was definitely a blind alley. Audio HiFi and electronic music was the motivation for my moving to Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1973 to study electronics. But when I started to work at the Department for Condensed Matter Physics of the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) in 1981, my first assignment was to develop the analogue front-end and sampling units for a liquid crystal display oscilloscope, later known as the Iskrascope LCD, after the Slovenian electronics industry company Iskra (»spark«), which was financing the project. From 1984 some 500 units were produced, but then in 1986 the project was canceled because of the severe political and economic crisis in the former Yugoslavia. After that I was working in various fields such as optical time-domain reflectometry, magnetic resonance imaging, and laser interferometry. In 1993 I joined the Experimental Particle Physics Department of IJS, where the Very Forward Tracker detector for the DELPHI experiment of the CERN's Large Electron-Positron Collider has been developed. Soon the work on the ATLAS experiment of the LHC begun, for which the IJS group developed several systems for the ATLAS SCT detector and the Beam Conditions Monitor, which successfully went into operation in 2008. Nevertheless I remained in touch with audio and occasionally managed to publish a couple of articles on the subject in Electronics World & Wireless World. Likewise, my oscilloscope adventure was not forgotten, as in 1988 my friend and IJS colleague Dr. Peter Starič, a former Tektronix employee, invited me to write with him a book on Wideband Amplifiers, which was finally published in 2005 by Springer.

Written articles
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Erik Margan has long realized that a cable is a potential source of trouble interconnecting two other potential sources of trouble. In this article, he explores various methods to exclude these...