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I was born and raised in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the south of The Netherlands and have lived there ever since. For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in electronics and gizmo’s that create sound and light and motion. In my early years I was mainly taking apart defective equipment to find out what was inside and used the parts for some other, self-invented purpose. This was stimulated by my parents and as my father was also a technician, he regularly brought discarded electronics parts from his job. I got my first Philips EE experimenters kit for my 10th birthday. Now I could actually build something that worked and understand why it worked as it did! Then, together with a friend, I started building equipment for a drive-in discotheque. Later when I studied at the local Technical College (HTS), I was able to design and calculate my own circuits focusing on audio equipment (amps in particular). I never lost the interest and drive to keep on doing this, even when kids were suddenly running around and responsibilities shifted. About 15 years ago I discovered the world of tube audio and to me tubes are fascinating pieces of fine-electromechanical art and building audio equipment with them is very rewarding. I’ve been working for many years now for chip-machine maker ASML on the design of cooling concepts for the complex chip-making machines.

Written articles
The parts bin headphones amplifier

In his search for a good sounding headphones amplifier, Rob Scheepens has experimented with, and listened to, several different amplifier topologies. These were all tube based, like Single-Ended,...