Jones Morgan

Morgan Jones, well-known as the author of two standard texts on tube amplifiers ("Valve Amplifiers" and "Building Valve Amplifiers"), is a former BBC engineer. Morgan lives in a quiet suburb of London, England, where he currently works as a design engineer specializing in high sensitivity measurements. Besides electronic design, he is keen for anything on two wheels.

Written articles
Grounding and Shielding, Circuits and Interference

Morgan Jones reviews ‘Grounding and Shielding, Circuits and Interference’ by Ralph Morrison. Although not specifically aimed at the audio designer it is a useful reference book for the...

Rectifier ringing and snubbers

Morgan Jones Look inside almost any piece of commercial equipment having a linear power supply and you will find small capacitors across the rectifier diodes. Those capacitors are there to prevent...

The uTracer V3.10 - a curve tracer for valves

The uTracer V3.10 – a curve tracer for valves     Vol 8

Morgan Jones

Every serious tube buff should have access to at least one tube curve tracer. Some opt for a...

The Art of Electronics3rd Ed. - book review

Morgan Jones' conclusion after a thourough review:  “The Art of Electronics” 3rd Ed. is probably the most significant analogue electronics book published this...