Allmaier Hannes

Hannes Allmaier studied theoretical physics and actually spent at least as much time on audio circuits, speaker design and acoustic theory as on his PhD. Instead of becoming a serious scientist he later entered a company formerly known as acoustic competence center (ACC), where he works on vibroacoustic, even psychoacoustics and friction related research topics for the automotive industry. Despite his adventures in active dipoles, active crossovers, power amps and restoring old gear, his longest lastingpassions are turntables and phono stages.

Written articles
The Ins and Outs of turntable dynamics - and how they mess up your vinyl playback

When tinkering with your turntable have you ever wondered what anti-skating, effective tonearm mass, tonearm-cartridge resonance and tonearm damping really is about? And how these affect the...

The High-Octane phono preamp

Hannes Allmaier likes to design phono preamps because of the interesting mix of conflicting requirements of low noise, correction accuracy, headroom and dynamic range requirements and others. For...

Don't put speakers in rooms & what happens if you do

It is often said that the listening room should be considered in the same way as any other component of your precious stereo setup. Easier said than done, room acoustics are not as easily handled...