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Daniel Joffe has worked in electronic design for more than 35 years. He designs high-resolution electronics for communications systems, at the circuit board and integrated circuit levels. Dan is a Senior Member of the IEEE and is listed as an inventor on 36 United States Patents. He has developed and taught a graduate level course in analog design at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Dan is the founder and manager of two web-based businesses for the DIY audio enthusiast. Updatemydynaco offers kits that enhance the performance of classic, solid-state Dynaco equipment. Akitika LLC offers a complete power-amplifier kit in the traditions of Heathkit and Dynaco. Dan’s longstanding interest in audio developed along with his interest in music performance. He plays saxophone in combos and big bands, and is the author of Saxophone Secrets, published by Jamey Aebersold.

Written articles
Practical Electronic Control of Class AB output stage quiescent current

Controlling the quiescent current in class AB output stages has long been the Achilles heel of such amplifiers. Low crossover distortion depends critically on correct and stable quiescent current...