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Like many other audio enthusiasts, David Zan’s audio journey started when he realised it was possible to make better speakers than he could afford to buy on a student’s pitiful income. Luckily the idealistic university policy of the time made it possible to enrol practically without cost and he shifted his study between pure and applied mathematics, physics, statistics and computer science, in a fairly successful attempt to stay at university, listen to music and avoid a real job. A short stint in research at the University of Adelaide ended when he opted for the more secure employment but busier schedule of software development. This kept him away from much active audio development until a sabbatical provided the time to finally use all the earlier study, in the research and development of the amplifiers for a planned “ultimate” speaker system.

Written articles
Towards advanced audio power amplifiers

In his Guest Editorial, David Zan argues that almost all power amplifier designs have gyrated to a few standard design topologies. However, he believes that significant improvements are possible...

Towards Advanced Audio Power Amplifiers - on feedback, stability and minimum-phase (Part 1)

David Zan David Zan makes good on his promise in the previous issue's Guest Editorial. The ultimate goal of his article series starts is to find a systematic method to find the optimum...