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Hawksford Malcolm Malcolm O. J. Hawksford was educated at Aston University in Birmingham, UK where he received his B.Sc. with first-class honors in 1968, Ph.D. in 1972 and D.Sc. in 2008.  He is currently Emeritus Professor within the School of Computing Science and Electronic Engineering at Essex University, Colchester, UK. Early research embraced delta- and sigma–delta modulation (SDM) applied to color TV coding that under the award of a BBC Research Scholarship lead to a method of luminance and chrominance multiplexing exploiting digital time-compression, a forerunner of MAC/DMAC. Current interests include audio engineering, electronic circuit design and signal processing focused on loudspeakers, SDM, PWM linearization, spatial audio and telepresence. Malcolm is recipient of the AES Publications Award for the best contribution by an author of any age for JAES, volumes 45 and 46 and holds the AES Silver Medal for major contributions to engineering research in the advancement of audio reproduction. He is a chartered engineer and fellow of the AES, IET, and IOA. He has been chair of the AES Technical Committee on High-Resolution Audio and was a founding member of Acoustic Renaissance for Audio (ARA).

Written articles
An Essex-Echo Audio Tutorial: Analogue Equalization

Drawing on decades of research and experiments, Malcolm Hawksford reviews the most often encountered equalization methods in audio: the ubiquitous RIAA phono equalization, low- and high-frequency...