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Building a Great Sounding DAC with a Little Help from My Friends

Author(s): Bordelon Les

Les Bordelon has been building renowned designer and author Erno Borbely's designs for many years. Using his accumulated experience and knowledge he now, in...


Revisiting the SIT Nemesis

Author(s): Jarlevang Lennart

Lennart Jarlevang gets his hands on the best of two world: a pair of massive single-ended transformers from a vintage Hiraga-designed Nemesis amplifier and a pair of...


Static Induction Transistors

Author(s): Pass Nelson

Static Induction Transistors are remarkably like triodes, both in electrical characteristics and sound character. There was a brief period when Sony and Yamaha...


Towards a reconciliation of measurements with listening tests

Author(s): Hegglun Ian

Standard THD measurements give a clear indication of amplifier linearity for the signals with which it is measured. Curiously, however, very often THD performance...


The Glowing NoiseMaker - On the demystification of triode noise

Author(s): Vogel Burkhard

Burkhard makes the observation that the audio designer, when it comes to noise performance of his triodes, often has incomplete, contradicting or even missing...


A Tube based Phono Preamplifier

Author(s): Gevel Marcel van de

Since noise is always a very important factor in phono preamp designs, Marcel gives it much attention. He compares several tubes in this regards, giving methods for...


Supply Decoupling – Finesse before Brute Force

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In this installment of his regular The Way I see it column, Stan Curtis makes the point that the indiscriminate adding of more and more decoupling caps to a power...


Operational Amplifier Noise - Techniques and Tips for Analyzing and Reducing Noise

Author(s): Popa Ovidiu

Operational Amplifier Noise - Techniques and Tips for Analyzing and Reducing Noise Ovidiu Popa Ovidiu Popa reviews a book by Texas Instruments engineer Art Kay on the...


Rectifier ringing and snubbers

Author(s): Jones Morgan

Morgan Jones Look inside almost any piece of commercial equipment having a linear power supply and you will find small capacitors across the rectifier diodes. Those...


Interconnections in Audio

Author(s): Margan Erik

Erik Margan has long realized that a cable is a potential source of trouble interconnecting two other potential sources of trouble. In this article, he explores...