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A Headphone Buffer/Amp and Auto-EQ for Headphones

Author(s): Marsh Richard

If you are looking for that ultimate headphone replay amplifier, you couldn't do any better than with this discrete circuit. Richard Marsh develops his circuits...

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How Discrete Signal Interpolation Improves Digital-to-Analog Conversion

Author(s): Lyons Rick

Digital Interpolation is a way to reduce complexity and requirements for post-DAC analog filtering. Richard Lyons shows not only how it is done, but also discusses...

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Audible tweaks that cannot work

Author(s): Burwen Richard

Audible tweaks that cannot work Vol 3

Richard Burwen

Burwen In his Guest Editorial, Richard Burwen confronts that age-old question: how is it that...

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Audio design is moving forward – or is it?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

With all our focus on individual designs and equipment and trying to improve our amps and speakers, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Stan Curtis, who has...

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Correcting Transducer Response with an Inverse Resonance Filter

Author(s): Raalte Steven van

Steven van Raalte set out to combat the resonance in phono cartridges. Manufacturers often rely on this resonance to compensate for the hf roll off caused by...

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Design Considerations for a Class-A Amplifier Enclosure

Author(s): EUVL

Many class-A amplifiers are placed in a largish enclosure with heatsinks that ‘look about right’. But, just as with the electronics involved, you can...

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The case for subjective listening tests

Author(s): Maanen Hans van

The case for subjective Listening Tests Hans van Maanen In his Guest Editorial, Hans van Maanen argues that although in theory decisions for audio development should...

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The “Terrible Twins” – a push-pull amplifier with solid state pentodes

Author(s): Hesener Alfred

Inspired by Nelson Pass' work with Static Induction Transistors, and Lennart Jarlevang's  experience with the PASS-SIT-1 in a single-ended configuration...

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VinylTrak – A full-featured MM/MC phono preamp

Author(s): Cordell Bob

After spending many years to write an encyclopedic tome on audio power amplifier design, Bob Cordell decided to turn his considerable talent to the design of a phono...

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A comparative overview of power supply regulator designs with listening tests

Author(s): Walton John

Power supply regulators for low power audio circuits have always been a source of controversy. Although technically almost flawless, there have been persistent...

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