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The C70 KT-88 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier

Author(s): Cordell Bob

In The C70 KT-88 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier, Bob Cordell shows he is equally well versed in tube technology as he is in solid state design. This amplifier uses...


The Class i output stage

In this article, Kendall presents a solid state unity-gain power output stage that has very low distortion and for which the biasing current can be set without the...


Testing One, Two, Three..

Author(s): Yaniger Stuart

Testing One, Two, Three.. Stuart Yaniger Stuart Yaniger bravely opens Pandora's Box and makes the case for controlled listening tests. Documenting cases that show...


Book review Burkhard Vogel The Sound of Silence (2nd edition)

Author(s): Popa Ovidiu

Book review Burkhard Vogel The Sound of Silence (2nd edition) Popa Ovidiu Popa's expertise on low noise design makes him well qualified to review Burkhard Volgels...


Book review Morgan Jones Valve Amplifiers (4th edition)

Author(s): Yaniger Stuart

Book review Morgan Jones Valve Amplifiers (4th edition) Yaniger Our resident tube book reviewer Stuart Yaniger wonders whether a 4th edition of a well-established...


A low noise laboratory-grade measurement preamplifier

Author(s): Groner Samuel

No lab or hobby shack should be without a preamplifier to measure very low signals with very low noise, defined gain and wide bandwidth. Samuel Groner's latest...


A Universal Simulated Power Inductor

Author(s): Ramaswamy Ramkumar

Dr. Ramaswamy is back with another usefull piece of lab equipment. Imagine a box with two connections where you can 'dial in' any inductance between 10mH and...


A Mechatronic approach to Active Subwoofer Design

Professor Robert Munnig Schmidt teaches Mechatronics at one of Netherlands prestigious universities, but his hobby is in audio. Since a (sub)woofer is nothing else...


Passive, Discrete, DC Coupled, Open Loop IV Converters

Author(s): Ruschkowski Sigurd

Ruschkowski got inspired by his friend Erno Borbely (who should not need any introduction) to design a discrete I/V converter for his newest DAC. This converter uses...


DIY Low-noise Microphone Preamplifiers, Part II

Author(s): Wurcer Scott

Part I of this article appeared in Linear Audio Vol 1 in Spring 2011 and readers have been asking for Part II ever since. This is a very comprehensive treatment of...