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Adventures of a diy-audio-addict


Adventures of a diy-audio-addict Rudy van Stratum Rudy describes his adventures from a consumer-who-wants-to-upgrade, through the phases of diy-by-poking-around and...


Book review - High End Valve Amplifiers by Menno Vanderveen

Author(s): Yaniger Stuart

Book review - High End Valve Amplifiers by Menno Vanderveen Vol 1

Stuart Yaniger

Stuart Yaniger reviews the latest offering by Menno Vanderveen and...


Book review - Designing Audio Power Amplifiers by Bob Cordell

Book review - Designing Audio Power Amplifiers by Bob Cordell Jean-Pierre Vanderreydt Jean-Pierre reviews Bob Cordell's Magnus Opus and likes what he reads and en...


Self-improvement for capacitors

Author(s): Self Douglas

Audiophiles are often told that their new equipment, components or cables need to be 'broken in' to deliver their best performance. So far, technical backup...


On the Noise performance of Low Noise Input Stages

Author(s): Popa Ovidiu

Low noise input stages are widely used in audio equipment, in particular for Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges. An existing quality MM preamplifier...


Resistor non-linearity - there's more to Ohm than meets the eye

Author(s): Simon Ed

Discussions on (audible) differences between types of passive components like resistors range far in audio engineering. Ed Simon put his money where his mouth is and...


The F-word - or, why there is no such thing as too much feedback

Author(s): Putzeys Bruno

Feedback is at once a basic subject in engineering and a remarkably polarizing one in audio with some saying it is evil and others saying that there is nothing wrong...


Low-noise Microphone Preamplifiers

Author(s): Wurcer Scott

Scott Wurcer provides an in-dept analysis of what it takes to build a state of the art mic preamp. An extensive discussion on the noise characteristics of mic...


A Universal Continuous-Time Active Filter

Author(s): Ramaswamy Ramkumar

For loudspeaker design and prototyping you'd want a simple, flexible system to play' with the crossover. You would want a simple way to vary cross-over...


Project21 - Part II - subwoofer and DSP system

In L|A Vol 0 Jean-Claude described the development of the P21 mid-high satellites with optional passive cross-over. The satellites are now complemented with an active...