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Adventures of a diy-audio-addict


Adventures of a diy-audio-addict Rudy van Stratum Rudy describes his adventures from a consumer-who-wants-to-upgrade, through the phases of diy-by-poking-around and...

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Book review - High End Valve Amplifiers by Menno Vanderveen

Author(s): Yaniger Stuart

Book review - High End Valve Amplifiers by Menno Vanderveen Vol 1

Stuart Yaniger

Stuart Yaniger reviews the latest offering by Menno Vanderveen and...

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Book review - Designing Audio Power Amplifiers by Bob Cordell

Book review - Designing Audio Power Amplifiers by Bob Cordell Jean-Pierre Vanderreydt Jean-Pierre reviews Bob Cordell's Magnus Opus and likes what he reads and en...

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Self-improvement for capacitors

Author(s): Self Douglas

Audiophiles are often told that their new equipment, components or cables need to be 'broken in' to deliver their best performance. So far, technical backup...

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On the Noise performance of Low Noise Input Stages

Author(s): Popa Ovidiu

Low noise input stages are widely used in audio equipment, in particular for Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges. An existing quality MM preamplifier...

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Resistor non-linearity - there's more to Ohm than meets the eye

Author(s): Simon Ed

Discussions on (audible) differences between types of passive components like resistors range far in audio engineering. Ed Simon put his money where his mouth is and...

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The F-word - or, why there is no such thing as too much feedback

Author(s): Putzeys Bruno

Feedback is at once a basic subject in engineering and a remarkably polarizing one in audio with some saying it is evil and others saying that there is nothing wrong...

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Low-noise Microphone Preamplifiers

Author(s): Wurcer Scott

Scott Wurcer provides an in-dept analysis of what it takes to build a state of the art mic preamp. An extensive discussion on the noise characteristics of mic...

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A Universal Continuous-Time Active Filter

Author(s): Ramaswamy Ramkumar

For loudspeaker design and prototyping you'd want a simple, flexible system to play' with the crossover. You would want a simple way to vary cross-over...

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Project21 - Part II - subwoofer and DSP system

In L|A Vol 0 Jean-Claude described the development of the P21 mid-high satellites with optional passive cross-over. The satellites are now complemented with an active...

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