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The case for subjective listening tests

Author(s): Maanen Hans van

The case for subjective Listening Tests Hans van Maanen In his Guest Editorial, Hans van Maanen argues that although in theory decisions for audio development should...

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The “Terrible Twins” – a push-pull amplifier with solid state pentodes

Author(s): Hesener Alfred

Inspired by Nelson Pass' work with Static Induction Transistors, and Lennart Jarlevang's  experience with the PASS-SIT-1 in a single-ended configuration...

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VinylTrak – A full-featured MM/MC phono preamp

Author(s): Cordell Bob

After spending many years to write an encyclopedic tome on audio power amplifier design, Bob Cordell decided to turn his considerable talent to the design of a phono...

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A comparative overview of power supply regulator designs with listening tests

Author(s): Walton John

Power supply regulators for low power audio circuits have always been a source of controversy. Although technically almost flawless, there have been persistent...

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Building a Great Sounding DAC with a Little Help from My Friends

Author(s): Bordelon Les

Les Bordelon has been building renowned designer and author Erno Borbely's designs for many years. Using his accumulated experience and knowledge he now, in...

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Revisiting the SIT Nemesis

Author(s): Jarlevang Lennart

Lennart Jarlevang gets his hands on the best of two world: a pair of massive single-ended transformers from a vintage Hiraga-designed Nemesis amplifier and a pair of...

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Static Induction Transistors

Author(s): Pass Nelson

Static Induction Transistors are remarkably like triodes, both in electrical characteristics and sound character. There was a brief period when Sony and Yamaha...

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Towards a reconciliation of measurements with listening tests

Author(s): Hegglun Ian

Standard THD measurements give a clear indication of amplifier linearity for the signals with which it is measured. Curiously, however, very often THD performance...

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The Glowing NoiseMaker - On the demystification of triode noise

Author(s): Vogel Burkhard

Burkhard makes the observation that the audio designer, when it comes to noise performance of his triodes, often has incomplete, contradicting or even missing...

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A Tube based Phono Preamplifier

Author(s): Gevel Marcel van de

Since noise is always a very important factor in phono preamp designs, Marcel gives it much attention. He compares several tubes in this regards, giving methods for...

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