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Challenging BJT Noise

Author(s): Vogel Burkhard

Hit by a surprising noise production mechanism in his previously published the Amp2 signal-to-noise forced Burkhard to change his analysis approach from purely white...

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The valve DAC - Submicron silicon meets submillimetre vacuum

Author(s): Gevel Marcel van de

Despite the increasing popularity of gramophone records, many recordings are still only distributed digitally. This must be frustrating to those audio...

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Audio power amplifier with BEF error correction delivers 150W into 8Ω at 0.0004% THD

Author(s): Stochino Giovanni

In his series of articles on error correction (EC) applied to audio amplifiers, the author has shown at theoretical and experimental level, the high potential of...

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An investigation of the screen grid tap - a search for the hidden arguments

Author(s): Moers Rudolf

Rudolf has published earlier articles in Linear Audio related to finding the lowest distortion solution for an ultra-linear circuit. However, on closer examination it...

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Current driven Output-stage class AB power amplifier

Author(s): Hegglun Ian

This article covers a simple modification that overcomes most of the tricky thermal stability issues of regular Class-AB output stages. It uses a common emitter power...

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Reed Relay Distortion


In this brief article authors Groner and Putzeys discuss nonlinear distortion in reed relays. Measurement data is presented as well as simple model to estimate the...

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An Open-Source Electroacoustic Measurement System: Part 1: Theory, Practicalities & Acoustic Examples; Part 2: Sound Card Setup, System Characterization and a few more Examples

Author(s): Vanderkooy John

This two-part article describes the design, configuration, software and use of a general-purpose electroacoustic measurement system. The system is based on typical...

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The Axis Equalizer

Author(s): Macaulay Jeff

One of the problems in traditional speakers concerns the off axis response of the tweeter. The off axis response of a speaker is determined, essentially, by its...

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