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So What's Mu with You?

Author(s): Paul Chris

Mu Followers and Mu Stages have been available to the audio community for some time. Various resources associated with these circuits are available on the web and...

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On driving methods for loudspeaker systems

Author(s): Touzelet Pierre

If there is a question in audio without a convincing answer, it is certainly the one about the way to properly drive a loudspeaker system. On one side, we have those...

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Something Different: "The Spring" SE Class-A ZGNFB MOSFET Amplifier

Author(s): Waslo Bill

This amplifier design is, as the American expression says, “well off the beaten path”.  It does not use a global feedback loop.  It is a single-...

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An attempt to design a non plus ultra Phono Peamp

Author(s): Polak Hans

There are numerous designs and many commercially available Phono Preamps on the market, but there are  not that many falling in the category extremely good...

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Efficient, unity power-factor, low cost audio power amp supplies

Author(s): Thiernesse Vincent

This article deals with audio power amplifier power supplies with sine wave current absorption, showing all the benefits these offer for audio systems, these benefits...

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Rumble filtering - like you really mean it

Author(s): Self Douglas

‘Rumble’ is actually not a very accurate description. The subsonic signals are not audible in themselves, but the intermodulation they cause in bass units...

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Quadrature Bridge Measures Harmonic Distortion in Capacitors

Author(s): Groner Samuel

This article considers the measurement of harmonic distortion in capacitors using a bridge circuit. Each arm of the bridge consist of one resistor and one capacitor....

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What's with all this dynamic range?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In recent times the audio and consumer media seem to have latched onto the term High Definition or HD Audio. For digital audio it commonly refers to recordings which...

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Current Driving of Loudspeakers - book review

Author(s): Polak Hans

With this book, the author succeeded in convincing me that for loudspeakers, current drive is, in theory, superior to voltage drive. But  the industry took...

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The Art of Electronics3rd Ed. - book review

Author(s): Jones Morgan

Morgan Jones' conclusion after a thourough review:  “The Art of Electronics” 3rd Ed. is probably the most significant analogue...

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