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RIAA Equalisation for Displacement-Sensitive Phono Cartridges

Author(s): Galo Gary

Gary’s interest in RIAA equalization for displacement-sensitive phono cartridges has been piqued in recent years by the revival of interest in strain-gauge...

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Digging deeper into Error Correction

Author(s): Polak Hans

Hans Polak read with great interest Giovanni Stochino’s articles addressing active feedback and error correction in LA Vol 7 and 8. Several implementations...

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Error correction in power amplifiers - implementation issues and reply to Mr. Polak

Author(s): Stochino Giovanni

Hans Polak very openly communicated his doubts on some issues in Giovanni’s Error Correction article and provided stimulating comments. Hans has touched on,...

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Slewing in Audio Amplifiers of the Thompson Topology

Author(s): Kiwanuka Michael

In a paper published in Electronics World and Wireless World in September 1994 Douglas Self gave an account of the slew asymmetry inherent in the most widely...

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A high-performance single gain-stage preamplifier

Author(s): Danyuk Dimitri

There are many types of volume controls, from simple potentiometer to transformers (autotransformers) with switched taps, from light dependent resistors to...

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The Devinyliser

Author(s): Self Douglas

This investigation grew out of a letter that was published in HiFi News at the end of 2015, where Patrick Wallace points out that vinyl signals always come with a...

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Cathode followers: Love 'm or hate 'm

Author(s): Tent Guido

Among tube designers, the cathode follower is always subject to debate. Most such discussions are initiated by perceived differences in sound quality, sometimes...

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Low-cost superregs - design, performance and stability

Author(s): Dvoskin Eugene

Eugene Dvoskin needed a pair of high performance voltage regulator to provide very clean power to one of his projects. An online search turned up the very high ...

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The Glowing Noisemaker Reloaded

Author(s): Vogel Burkhard

Burkhard Vogel had an article in  the fifth Linear Audio (Vol 4) about calculating the noise production of triode gain stages. In this article Burkhard...

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Don't put speakers in rooms & what happens if you do

Author(s): Allmaier Hannes

It is often said that the listening room should be considered in the same way as any other component of your precious stereo setup. Easier said than done, room...

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