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Partition Noise and the ‘BestPentode’ Revisited

Author(s): Blencowe Merlin

In Linear Audio Volume 0, Frank Blöhbaum proposed an interesting circuit for use with pentodes, which he called ‘BestPentode’. Blöhbaum claimed that this...


The Ins and Outs of turntable dynamics - and how they mess up your vinyl playback

Author(s): Allmaier Hannes

When tinkering with your turntable have you ever wondered what anti-skating, effective tonearm mass, tonearm-cartridge resonance and tonearm damping really is about?...


We're Just Starting with Digital...

Author(s): Martins João

In this short Guest Editorial,  AudioXpress’ Editor in Chief Joao Martins reflects on the continued digitalization of audio delivery and reproduction. One...


Pin 1 revisited, adding OEO to an accepted rule

Author(s): Polak Hans

Hans Polak used to strictly adherence to the XLR ‘pin 1’ connection rules in his fully balanced audio system. Yet, when switching on his desktop dimmer-...


Record replay RIAA correction in the digital domain

Author(s): Wurcer Scott

Scott Wurcer noticed that, when playing records, the signal often gets digitized on its ultimate way to the speakers, through a streaming audio device or a digital...


A minimal structure high-performance voltage follower / amplifier

Author(s): Exbrayat Jacques

It is well known that when a transistor is set up such that the Vce, Ic and power dissipation do not change, it does (almost) not distort. On the other hand, you...


Soft Recovery Diodes Lower Transformer Ringing by 10-20X

Author(s): Johnson Mark

In linear power supplies with solid state rectifiers, the diode switch-off transient generates a current rate-of-change, dI/dt; excellent diodes generate small...


Experiments in Low Voltage Tube Audio Amplifier Circuits

Author(s): Quan Ronald

We can very easily design RIAA phono and line preamplifier circuits with solid state devices such as FETs, ICs, and transistors with low voltages in the +/- 22 volt...


Tapped horn subwoofer system

Author(s): Nowak Tomasz

A tapped horn is a speaker design, where the horn is folded and the transducer is placed in a baffle so that the loudspeaker cone is radiating into the throat and the...


Analogue Hearts, Digital Minds

Author(s): Uwins Mike

Few people will disagree that the strict technical performance of the vinyl LP audio reproduction system has since long been eclipsed by other (digital) storage and...