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Partition Noise and the ‘BestPentode’ Revisited

Author(s): Blencowe Merlin

In Linear Audio Volume 0, Frank Blöhbaum proposed an interesting circuit for use with pentodes, which he called ‘BestPentode’. Blöhbaum claimed that this...

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The Ins and Outs of turntable dynamics - and how they mess up your vinyl playback

Author(s): Allmaier Hannes

When tinkering with your turntable have you ever wondered what anti-skating, effective tonearm mass, tonearm-cartridge resonance and tonearm damping really is about?...

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We're Just Starting with Digital...

Author(s): Martins João

In this short Guest Editorial,  AudioXpress’ Editor in Chief Joao Martins reflects on the continued digitalization of audio delivery and reproduction. One...

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Pin 1 revisited, adding OEO to an accepted rule

Author(s): Polak Hans

Hans Polak used to strictly adherence to the XLR ‘pin 1’ connection rules in his fully balanced audio system. Yet, when switching on his desktop dimmer-...

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Record replay RIAA correction in the digital domain

Author(s): Wurcer Scott

Scott Wurcer noticed that, when playing records, the signal often gets digitized on its ultimate way to the speakers, through a streaming audio device or a digital...

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A minimal structure high-performance voltage follower / amplifier

Author(s): Exbrayat Jacques

It is well known that when a transistor is set up such that the Vce, Ic and power dissipation do not change, it does (almost) not distort. On the other hand, you...

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Soft Recovery Diodes Lower Transformer Ringing by 10-20X

Author(s): Johnson Mark

In linear power supplies with solid state rectifiers, the diode switch-off transient generates a current rate-of-change, dI/dt; excellent diodes generate small...

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Experiments in Low Voltage Tube Audio Amplifier Circuits

Author(s): Quan Ronald

We can very easily design RIAA phono and line preamplifier circuits with solid state devices such as FETs, ICs, and transistors with low voltages in the +/- 22 volt...

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Tapped horn subwoofer system

Author(s): Nowak Tomasz

A tapped horn is a speaker design, where the horn is folded and the transducer is placed in a baffle so that the loudspeaker cone is radiating into the throat and the...

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Analogue Hearts, Digital Minds

Author(s): Uwins Mike

Few people will disagree that the strict technical performance of the vinyl LP audio reproduction system has since long been eclipsed by other (digital) storage and...

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