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Capacitor sound revisited - Distortion mechanisms behind the sound of Wound and Stacked Capacitors - Cyril Bateman

Author(s): Bateman Cyril

Cyril’s capacitor article series in Electronics World, a few decades ago, were a landmark in our understanding of the mechanisms behind capacitor dielectric...

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Semiconductor junction dissipation and temperature - theory and practice - John Escallier


All electronic components have defined boundaries of operation where they can be expected to operate reliably. For semiconductors, voltage, current, power, and...

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A Low Parts Count Audiophile Power Amplifier - John Vanderkooy, Kevin Krauel, Todd Schneider

In this article, the authors introduce the design of a power amplifier with only three necessary active devices; a normal high-quality opamp and two lateral power...

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Recent investigations and developments related to feedback and feed-forward error correction - Giovanni Stochino (part 2)

Author(s): Stochino Giovanni

In this second part, Stochino presents and discusses the results of his recent investigations and experiments on the last two classes of error-distortion correction...

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The RIAA Phono-Amp Engine II - Burkhard Vogel

Author(s): Vogel Burkhard

Burkhard Vogel set out to rectify some shortcomings of his Phono Engine I which was presented in “The Sound of Silence”, specifically the switching...

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Thermal transient variation of power amp quiescent current - Instrumentation and findings -Jan Didden

Author(s): Didden Jan

Your editor took out some time to get back to the lab table and look into that question of ‘thermal memory’ that has been named as possible cause for...

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Class D - an audiophile's dream? - Stan Curtis

Author(s): Curtis Stan

Our regular contributor Stan Curtis wonders why the hi-fi world does tend to stick with what it knows rather than embracing radically new ideas. There has been...

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Book Review -The LTspice Simulator - Manual, Methods and Applications, Gilles Brocard - Bob Cordell

Author(s): Cordell Bob

Bob Cordell is an experienced user of the free Spice simulator from Linear Technology, LTspice. Therefore, Bob eagerly anticipated reading this heavy volume, and...

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Book Review -Small Signal Audio Design, Douglas Self - Jean-Pierre Vanderreydt

In his review of Douglas Self’s 2nd edition of Small Signal Audio Design, Jean-Pierre answers the question: should you get this new edition when you...

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How do they see us? A short history of advertising in audio - Rudy van Stratum

Author(s): Stratum Rudy van

When Rudy van Stratum decided to clean his attic and decided to remove stacks of decades-old audio journals, he couldn’t resist to go through them one last time...

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