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Self-improvement for capacitors

Author(s): Self Douglas

Audiophiles are often told that their new equipment, components or cables need to be 'broken in' to deliver their best performance. So far, technical backup...

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Resistor non-linearity - there's more to Ohm than meets the eye

Author(s): Simon Ed

Discussions on (audible) differences between types of passive components like resistors range far in audio engineering. Ed Simon put his money where his mouth is and...

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Component-level mutual induction

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In a previous column, Stan Curtis has discussed his observation that between implementations in breadboards, ‘air circuits’ and formal PCB layouts,...

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Size does matter. Or does it?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

Size does matter. Or does it?         Vol 8

Stan Curtis

In his Vol 8 column, Stan Curtis talks about his journey...

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Capacitor sound revisited - Distortion mechanisms behind the sound of Wound and Stacked Capacitors - Cyril Bateman

Author(s): Bateman Cyril

Cyril’s capacitor article series in Electronics World, a few decades ago, were a landmark in our understanding of the mechanisms behind capacitor dielectric...

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Quadrature Bridge Measures Harmonic Distortion in Capacitors

Author(s): Groner Samuel

This article considers the measurement of harmonic distortion in capacitors using a bridge circuit. Each arm of the bridge consist of one resistor and one capacitor....

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Reed Relay Distortion


In this brief article authors Groner and Putzeys discuss nonlinear distortion in reed relays. Measurement data is presented as well as simple model to estimate the...

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