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The F-word - or, why there is no such thing as too much feedback

Author(s): Putzeys Bruno

Feedback is at once a basic subject in engineering and a remarkably polarizing one in audio with some saying it is evil and others saying that there is nothing wrong...

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The Class i output stage

In this article, Kendall presents a solid state unity-gain power output stage that has very low distortion and for which the biasing current can be set without the...

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A Mechatronic approach to Active Subwoofer Design

Professor Robert Munnig Schmidt teaches Mechatronics at one of Netherlands prestigious universities, but his hobby is in audio. Since a (sub)woofer is nothing else...

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Towards advanced audio power amplifiers

Author(s): Zan David

In his Guest Editorial, David Zan argues that almost all power amplifier designs have gyrated to a few standard design topologies. However, he believes that...

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TPC and TMC Feedback Compensation for Power Amplifiers

Author(s): Cordell Bob

Bob Cordell explored power amp compensation techniques that allow the designer to employ more feedback loop gain at higher frequencies, improving amplifier linearity...

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Fine-tuning and measurements of a sensorless motional feedback subwoofer

In his earlier article, Robert Munnig Schmidt described a subwoofer system with an electronic solution to adapt and control the subwoofer mechanical-dynamic behaviour...

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Experimental Design in Simulation - A Sine/Cosine Oscillator (Part 1: basic theory)

Author(s): Gilbert Barrie

 When Barrie Gilbert turns his mind to an area of design, expect the unexpected. In this first article in a series of several, Barrie starts the design of a...

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Recent investigations and developments related to feedback and feed-forward error correction (Part 1)

Author(s): Stochino Giovanni

Recent investigations and developments related to feedback and feed-forward error correction (Part 1) Vol 7 Giovanni Stochino Error Correction always has held the...

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Towards Advanced Audio Power Amplifiers - on feedback, stability and minimum-phase (Part 1)

Author(s): Zan David

David Zan David Zan makes good on his promise in the previous issue's Guest Editorial. The ultimate goal of his article series starts is to find a systematic...

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Multiplied Transconductance Amplifiers - part 2 - high power amplification

Author(s): Blöhbaum Frank

Multiplied Transconductance Amplifiers – part 2: high power amplification  Vol 8

Frank Blöhbaum

Frank Blöhbaum always comes up with quite...

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