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A comparative overview of power supply regulator designs with listening tests

Author(s): Walton John

Power supply regulators for low power audio circuits have always been a source of controversy. Although technically almost flawless, there have been persistent...

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Supply Decoupling – Finesse before Brute Force

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In this installment of his regular The Way I see it column, Stan Curtis makes the point that the indiscriminate adding of more and more decoupling caps to a power...

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The Otto Schade method - A practical design method for rectifier circuits

Author(s): Moers Rudolf

The Otto Schade Method – A practical design method for rectifier circuits     Vol 8

Rudolf Moers

When someone who writes his own...

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Soft Recovery Diodes Lower Transformer Ringing by 10-20X

Author(s): Johnson Mark

In linear power supplies with solid state rectifiers, the diode switch-off transient generates a current rate-of-change, dI/dt; excellent diodes generate small...

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Low-cost superregs - design, performance and stability

Author(s): Dvoskin Eugene

Eugene Dvoskin needed a pair of high performance voltage regulator to provide very clean power to one of his projects. An online search turned up the very high ...

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Taking a Balanced View

Author(s): Curtis Stan

It is fair to say that most hi-fi enthusiasts have paid little attention to the importance of their mains power supply and in part this is because of their ignorance...

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Efficient, unity power-factor, low cost audio power amp supplies

Author(s): Thiernesse Vincent

This article deals with audio power amplifier power supplies with sine wave current absorption, showing all the benefits these offer for audio systems, these benefits...

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